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Dental Insurance


Explanation of Dental Insurance


It's wonderful that you have dental insurance to help you with your dental care. We want to help you get the most benefit from your insurance coverage.












You are welcome to file your own claim and simply take care of your fee with us, then have your insurance company pay you directly. We will gladly provide you the forms you need.

As a service to you, we are willing to file your claim for you and wait for your insurance provider to pay us, asking only that you pay your estimated portion on the day of your treatment. You are not charged an additional fee for this service; although you should know that our cost for this service is approximately $5.00 per claim.



You can count on us to assist you with your insurance - our goal is to help you get the benefits you deserve. Sometimes it is necessary for you to contact your insurance company as you are their customer, not us, and you may be able to get results from them when we cannot.

  • Insurance policies vary greatly in what treatments they will cover and the amounts they will pay.
  • Your benefits will depend on the contract that you have with your insurance company. Our only interest is to make sure that you get what you deserve from your coverage.
  • No insurance policy will cover 100% of everything you might want or need. Please remember that you are responsible for your account with us, and your insurance company is beholden to you (not us) to cover whatever treatments your contract entitles you to receive.
  • If your insurance has not paid after 60 days; you are responsible for the full outstanding balance of your account.
  • After your insurance has paid (usually 4-6 weeks after treatment), we will notify you if there is a remaining balance, and you may send in your payment. In case you have a credit after the insurance payment, you may request a refund, or simply carry a credit balance, whichever you prefer.

The staff at the office of Doug Booth, DDS, will be happy to answer any questions you may have. We always try to provide the highest quality of care for you and your family in a warm, pleasant environment.


We want to thank you for all your confidence and support, and your referrals of family and friends.

Please Contact Us if we can help you with questions about dental insurance.

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