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Cosmetic Dentistry


We know that our smile is part of the first impression we make on others. Studies show that how we feel about our smile appearance plays a role in our personal self confidence and how we interact in our personal and business relationships.


Your Huntsville & Madison Cosmetic Dentist


Family and Cosmetic Dentist, Dr. Doug Booth offers personal consultations to his patients who are interested in making cosmetic changes to their smile, or, improving their oral health. Our West Huntsville dental office is convenient to greater Huntsville, Madison and surrounding communities.

Dr. Booth has provided cosmetic dental services since 1986. Today, he continues to embrace the advances in materials and technology that have made it more affordable and convenient than ever for patients to enhance their smile with cosmetic dentistry.

Cosmetic Dentistry can address common smile challenges such as:

Minor flaws in natural teeth, such as chipped edges, gaps or worn areas near the gumline.

Cosmetic bonding can often be used for very small repairs, but make a big difference! Bonding materials are made of tooth-colored plastic, and may also be used in posterior (back) teeth for small fillings.

Stained, yellowed or discolored teeth.
Healthy natural teeth can be whitened using in-office ZOOM!® Whitening, or a custom take-home teeth whitening kit. Safe and economical, whitening is a very popular and effective way to brighten your smile.


Aged, discolored restorations with grayed edges. Esthetic porcelain can be used to restore vibrancy to a worn smile. In most cases, replacement crowns and bridges can be designed with porcelain edges to look like natural teeth and compliment your smile.


Cosmetic porcelain veneers are thin porcelain shields that can be bonded to cover the surface of front teeth to hide dark staining, slightly misaligned or oddly shaped teeth. They are specially designed by Dr. Booth and our dental laboratory to be applied with minimal tooth preparation to create a beautiful, natural-looking result.

Have you thought about making changes to your smile? Dr. Booth and Team are trained in all levels of cosmetic dentistry. From small changes to dramatic makeovers, we can help you!


We invite you to Contact Us to explore cosmetic options for your smile!

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